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Our mission is to increase the number of women in the UK (& beyond) involved in tech industries such as: web, mobile, programming, design, UX & UI. We especially want to inspire women to start businesses, get better jobs, increase their skills & not feel isolated!



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oo la la we're in Design Week
Thursday, 15 December 2011 17:14

Design Week is one of our favourite publications, we're excited to featured on their blog complete with mugshots. Take a look...Sisters Doing it for Themselves



Our very own mini-conference


We've launched our very own conference, actually there's nothing mini about it. Featuring amazing women in design and tech for women who love everything design, digital, web, mobile and code. FREE workshops on the latest in design, mobile, UX and CSS and a super special evening event held at the British Library in London with wine, nibbles and a panel debate with awesome guests Sarah Parmenter, Jess Ratcliffe and Sarah McVittie.

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Masterclass for Year 9 Students Girls into i-Biz
barnetCalling all IT Girls and Businesswomen.  Do you want to inspire the next generation of powerful women?  Yes?  Then we have just the event for you.

GiBs is all about inspiring teenage girls to think big, broaden their horizons and to encourage them to take Business Studies and ICT as GCSE options.  The girls seem to see both these areas as “boys’” subjects, and the school wants to dispel that myth.

So we are looking for dynamic, influential businesswomen who can connect with and motivate a bunch of bright, lively 14 year olds.

Would you like to be part of an energetic, creative, fun-filled programme with a great opportunity to network – and possibly pick up some innovative ideas from the businesswomen of tomorrow?

Female role models from all sorts of backgrounds and at various stages in their careers are welcome – especially if your business is web-based or IT is integral to it.  Whether you’re an established one-woman band or just starting out, are part of a corporate giant or a small independent, come from the private or public/third sector, are new to your game or an old hand, if you think you’ve got something to offer we want to hear from you.  I want a good mix of real people, with real stories to tell.

This is a morning-only event and this is how it works:  

•    Quickfire Business Challenge: The girls get an idea of what it’s like to be you!  You would rotate round small groups of students (8-10 per group), spending about 8 mins with each.  You would present your own real-life business idea/challenge/dilemma – something you’ve experienced - and ask each group what they would do.  Keep it simple, but any scenario that’s potentially disastrous or embarrassing always goes down a treat. 
Let me know what challenge you are going to set.  If you’re stuck for ideas and need some pointers, give me a call and we can talk it through.

•    Q&A Session: The students get a chance to ask questions and pick your brains.  I will plant a few questions, but welcome suggestions for any others you think should be asked.

The event starts at 8.00am (for a full briefing) and ends at 11.00am, when you can relax over a cuppa and take the opportunity to network.  We really look after you and make sure you have plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits/water to keep your energy up!

Date and Location

•    Thurs 23 Nov 2011 London Academy

Interested?  Then please get in touch:  mandy.smith@barnet.gov.uk
tel: 020 8359 3400
Podcast interviewee

We think the best way to inspire is to tell the stories of women working in tech and design at all levels of career and experience. By sharing your work, ideas, advice and best of all your love for what you do we know women will feel engaged and empowered or just have fun listening.

The podcast takes an free-form interview format and will last around 25-30 minutes. The tone is light, down-to-earth and conversational. It's an interview but it's not a serious one. It's about your personal journey, what you like, what you've done and what's next.

The interviewer is Keri Lambden, Senior Member of the Web Heroines team, a designer and entrepreneur working in web and mobile www.kerilambden.co.uk with a passion for engaging more women with design and tech.

More on the format
If it's possible we'll most likely come to you. We will need a very quiet space with no interruptions. Or we'll hire a studio or find a quiet space. If it's not possible to meet you then we'll use Skype to chat over the internet and provide you with a microphone if you need it.

We'll introduce you first and give a short background into who you are and how you are involved with tech and design (this may be recorded after the interview), then we'll get into the conversation.

There will be a set of loose questions or rather jump-off points to guide the conversation which we will discuss with you in advance. We'll also research you as much as possible and get our facts straight before we hit record.


The types of questions we'll ask are:
• How you started out/ how you got into tech/design
• Challenges you've faced
• We may pick out quotes from your blog or other interviews and ask you to elaborate on those.
• About the products/books/projects you have worked on related to tech and design giving you the opportunity to tell our listeners about what you do. It can be a plug but we don't want the podcast to cover it entirely, that's not what we're about.
• Ask your opinion on subjects close to what you do
• Your dreams, plans and ideas for the future

Then we'll go back and edit the recording adding the Web Heroines theme music and credits. We'll send you the final edit for approval before posting our website, iTunes, Podcast.com and updating our email subscribers. We'll also send you a copy for your records/portfolio.

What we need from you
• A photograph of you or an image of a particular project.
• Links to any relevant blogs, social media sites and articles you're keen we read.
• How listeners can find out more about you either your website, Twitter etc.
• Dates and times you are available


What's next
We'll get in touch to arrange a date for the podcast either to meet in person or chat over the internet. We'll do some research and ask you to send us the things from “what we need from you”. Then we'll plan our questions and send you the list before hand. We may not ask all the questions on the list or in any order but it gives you a chance to prepare and add things you want to cover.

And finally a very big thank you in advance!

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We are looking for interviewees for our first series of podcasts. If you love digital & love talking about it drop us a line
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