An Introduction to Ubelly


Sara Allison, Ubelly Editor, chats with Web Heroines about their awesome blog and hosting their own awards evening.

About Ubelly:

Ubelly is the unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers and designers who love the web. We cover the events you want to go to, write about the things you want to read about and care about the things you care about. So follow us on Twitter @ubelly and subscribe to our RSS feed for web dev news and event coverage.

So how did the Ubelly blog get started?

We wanted to start a conversation with all web developers regardless of what platform or software they use and decided we needed a completely new blog to do that. We actually started off being called underbelly but the only related domain that was free was Ubelly – and it stuck!  

What areas of digital do you cover?

Everything related to the web and development in general – but mainly web apps, web design and all related events. We tend to cover events pretty extensively writing up sessions, dabbling in live blogging and tweeting throughout – it’s great for people that can’t make the event themselves but still want a taste of the atmosphere and some of the sessions.

You also run your own events, tell us more about The Critters?

Through attending a load of events within the web development and design communities, we’ve seen some amazing speakers, been introduced to some very exciting young talent and got our hands dirty with some great new services and apps.  As a result, we were really keen to give something back to all the people who’d been so welcoming and supportive over the past couple of years and decided, what better way to celebrate the best of our industry than to host our own awards evening?  

Last May saw the first of our memetastic Critter awards – with lots of leading lights within the web dev and design space heading into London for an opportunity to not only pay homage to industry talent, but also enjoy a drink with old mates and colleagues, pose with Sad Keanu and warm up their vocal chords in a memelicious karaoke booth! A really good night was had by all, and we’re now in the process of getting our judges lined up for this year’s event.  Full details to be announced on on the 19th of January so watch this space...

You’re obviously all passionate people working in digital. Are there any side-projects you’d like to shout about or upcoming cool Microsoft stuff?

We’re still loving the Kinect and are very excited to see how that’s going to develop over the coming months.  And of course, we’re all really excited about the launch of Windows 8.

If you had to choose what would be your favourite app or tool you use in your work?

It has to be Twitter!


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