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Our mission is to increase the number of women in the UK (& beyond) involved in tech industries such as: web, mobile, programming, design, UX & UI. We especially want to inspire women to start businesses, get better jobs, increase their skills & not feel isolated!



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Web Heroines Constitution

Constitution adopted at an Annual General Meeting of Web Heroines, 1st July 2011.

The name of the cooperative shall be Web Heroines

The object of Web Heroines is to strategically increase the participation, support and retention of women in the UK Information Technology sector undertaking activities such as but not limited to: Website Design, Mobile Application Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Internet Programming, Graphic Design, Games Design.
- We are committed to equality for women in the IT sector, we want to be part of the debate and make a change, to stand up for women and support them.
- We will provide inspirational resources to women to encourage them to start their own businesses or take the next leap in their careers.
- We will bring women together who may feel isolated or alone in the IT sector to identify with each other and improve their lives.
- We wish to dispel the myth that a career in the IT sector is just for men and is 'nerdy'.
- We will encourage young women to seek a role in IT

The furtherance of the said object but not further or otherwise Web Heroines shall have the following powers:
a) To raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect and receive contributions from any     other person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation, grant, legacy and     otherwise;     and to open a bank account to manage such funds.
b) To employ on such terms and conditions of employment Web Heroines shall determine     any paid or voluntary worker or workers to assist in the attainment of the said objective.
c) To conduct research so as to further attain the said objective.
d) To buy/rent equipment in order to attain the said objective.
e) To do all such other lawful things as shall further the attainment of the said objective or     any of them.

a) Membership shall be open to all who are interested in furthering the work of Web Heroines and is willing to adhere to the rules of the cooperative.
b) The Steering Group hereinafter constituted shall have the right:
i) to approve or reject applications for membership.
ii) for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any member provided that the member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Steering Group before final decision is made.
c) Every member shall subscribe to Web Heroines such annual sum (if any)
for the next financial year as shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting hereinafter mentioned and the words ‘financial year’ shall mean the period 1st  July to 30th June  inclusive.
d) Any member of the association may resign his/her membership by providing the Secretary with written notice.

5.Management Committee
Web Heroines shall be administered by a management committee of no less than three (3) people and no more than five (5), who must be at least 18 years of age. Members will be elected for a period of up to one year, but may be re-elected at the Web Heroines' AGM.

Web Heroines shall have a committee consisting of:
The Chairperson
The Treasurer
The Secretary
(being persons of whom are members of Web Heroines)
and any additional officers the Group deems necessary at the meeting required to carry out activities.

a) The committee shall meet at least three times a year. Meetings shall enable Web Heroines to discuss actions and monitor progress to date, and to consider future developments.
b) All members shall be given at least fourteen (14) days' notice of when a meeting is due to take place, unless it is deemed as an emergency.
c) Two-thirds of committee members must be present in order for a meeting to take place.
d) It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to chair all meetings or a designated deputy in his/her absence. All meetings must be minuted and accessible to interested parties.
e) The AGM shall take place no later than three months after the end of the financial year. At least fourteen (14) days' notice must be given before the meeting takes place.
f) All members are entitled to vote at the AGM. Voting shall be made by a show of hands on a majority basis. In the case of a tied vote, the Chairperson or an appointed deputy shall make the final decision.

a) Any money acquired by Web Heroines, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee in the name of Web Heroines. All funds must be applied to the objects of Web Heroines and for no other purpose.
b) Bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the Group. Any deeds, cheques etc relating to the Group's bank account shall be signed by at least two (2) of the following committee members: Chairperson; Treasurer; Secretary.Online transactions require at least two (2) committee members to agree in writing before the purchase is made.
c) Any income/expenditure shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer who will be accountable to ensure funds are utilised effectively and that Web Heroines stays within budget. Official accounts shall be maintained, and will be examined annually by an independent accountant who is not a member of the Group. An annual financial report shall be presented at the AGM. Web Heroines' accounting year shall run from 1st July to 30th June

9.Alteration of the Constitution
a) Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by a majority vote at a special general meeting.
b) Amendments to this constitution or dissolution of Web Heroines must be conveyed to the Secretary formally in writing. The Secretary and other officers shall then decide on the date of a special general meeting to discuss such proposals, giving members at least four weeks (28 days) notice.

a) Web Heroines may be dissolved if deemed necessary by the members in a majority vote at a special meeting. Any assets or remaining funds after debts have been paid shall be returned to their providers or transferred to local charities or similar groups at the discretion of the Management Committee.

This constitution was adopted at an AGM held at 30 Cattle Market Street Norwich on 1st July 2011 by:

Signed: Marcus Stafford Chairperson
Signed: Keri Lambden Treasurer
Signed: Elizabeth Norman Secretary





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